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Pay Per Click

Do you want to attract qualified traffic to your Site –Quickly?

There are many ways which can make your website stand out in crowded Internet as if a light strobe is focused on it.

“PPC is one of an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites.”

Pay Per click advertisements on sites such as Google, Yahoo & their partner network are a great way to control the inclusion of your website in their search results. PPC is a process not a destination. Washington Web World consultants will perform all the relevant research to discover the appropriate keywords and key phrases for your business, and we will keep a close eye on your ads so that you stay within your budget and get the highest return possible. No matter what your budget is & whether you have short or long term goals, we can manage your campaign so that you get maximum returns on investment (ROI).

Benefits of a PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign :

  • Set a Target Budget:

    With a PPC campaign you will be able to set your budget at a daily level and you will never pay more than the price you set. Increasing or decreasing this budget can be done with a click of a mouse
  • Target Specific Demographics:

    PPC gives you high levels of control over who sees your ads. Reach people when they are seeking the products/services you offer.
  • Flexibility:

    PPC campaigns are very easy to adapt, or fine-tune—you add/adjust keywords, add copy and budgets quickly & easily to get most results.
  • Only Pay for Results:

    As the name suggests, you will only incur costs if people click on the ads. This brings people who are genuinely interested to your website and thus can be viewed as a potential sale. When managed correctly a PPC campaign can produce significant results in a short period of time, sometimes even minutes.
  • Measurable Results:

    Track how people from various sources are reacting to marketing efforts.
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